Feeling lost, depressed or drained? I’ll help you love life again.

Thank-you for giving me back my life

Sam B, Tunbridge Wells

Iain is a unique and gifted professional with real empathy. I found him easy to talk to and he was instrumental in helping me grow internally and remove blockages that held me back all my life. His guidance was highly intuitive as well as practical and I valued his input hugely.

Sarah – CEO London

Your insight and wisdom has been incredible! Thank-you!

Jane C- Chelsea, London

Iain used advanced techniques on me to assist with giving me clarity and healing that I needed. I haven't look back since!

George - IT specialist, London

Your guidance and healing regarding my troubles has been most helpful.

Alison C, Scotland.

Feeling lost, depressed, physically or emotionally out of balance? If that’s you, I can help you get back on track and love life again.
Your energy system is a complex part of you and governs your mind, body and soul. It doesn’t take much for it to be thrown off balance and for problems to occur.  

Because conventional medicine often overlooks this deeper part of your being, you might find yourself with a mental, physical or emotional illness that no doctor can explain and in certain cases, effectively treat.

  But why suffer, when you don’t have to?   With my service, I’ll quickly get to the root of your problems and resolve them, getting you back on track in a matter of days.

If you’re looking for…

• A new direction
• Relief from depression
• Relief from anxiety
• To just feel yourself again

I’ll help with…

• Emotional healing
• Physical healing
• Advice about your mental state
• Repairing your energy system

Who are you?
You've come to the right place

Then you have come to the right place.

For over 10 years, I have helped countless people from business owners, CEO's, entrepreneurs, actors, bankers, lawyers, celebrities, aristocrats, head hunters, office professionals, house wives and many many more from all walks of life, identify their deeper self and true potential. 

I have given countless amounts of guidance, clearing, healing, clarity and insight and in so doing, changed people's lives for the better.  
I know how to remove your inner darkness that will at some level, be holding you back. This includes past and present life issues and what your higher self has given you to work through.

Sessions take place over the phone during a weekday daytime and some evenings, by arrangement, without us needing to meet in person.

When you contact me – just let me know what you need help with, your date of birth, full name and what dates/times will suit you best, for our first call.

Once we agree a date, I’ll attune to your higher self remotely and look at what needs to be done to fix your problems.

When we speak I’ll explain the next steps, and probably give you some simple tasks for you to do in your own time. We’ll also agree a time for a follow-up call to discuss how things have improved.

Having healed so many people energetically for more than a decade, I’m confident I’ll be able to help you too.  

But if you follow my guidance and see no emotional improvement within 90 days, I’ll return your money.

To show your higher self you want to improve your life, there must be an exchange or the Universe won’t honour any kind of work.  

Consider it an investment in yourself - £130 for two sessions, payable in advance.

Are you ready for change?

Invest in your future.


You won’t find a service like this anywhere else

With extensive training in all matters of the energy system and how to repair it, my connection to source energy is very deep and goes far beyond the Earth Realm.   There are very few practitioners that operate at my level, or carry the knowledge that I do, so you can have faith in my skills to help you change your life.

 Get the old 'you' back today - CONTACT ME

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