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Iain Balmain

In 2007, my life changed in ways I could never have imagined. I had been working in London’s financial district as a trader and property renovator when I experienced a profound spiritual awakening:  Something inside me suddenly woke up and I found myself being able to see people's auras with its many different colours and also in to their energy system, as I later discovered.  I would meet strangers and somehow know all about their lives, past lives in particular and those that were holding them back in some way, subconsciously. I was later to learn just how complex this area is and how it affects the Mind and Ego structure, especially regarding internal fear and past and present trauma. I was then shown how to release these issues, energetically.

My experience was unnerving in the beginning, but somehow, I knew it was all a matter of fate and had opened up a new area of my life, that had long been a part of me, waiting for the right moment.
Shortly afterwards, I started perceiving earth energies which took me in to space clearance, geomancy/feng shui and exorcism work. I was to discover the enormity of structure and energy around us is quite incredible.

These extraordinary experiences opened my eyes to a larger, multi dimensional world and finally brought abundance and fulfillment to my life, in a way that nothing else could.
This extra perception enabled me to enhance my intuition and harness abilities I always knew I possessed, on a subconscious level but now making practical use of them, for myself as well as others.

I left the city and pursued my calling.
I have been working in the spiritual/esoteric world ever since. Over the years, I have worked with an eclectic array of spiritual experts and gurus and have been shown a great deal by the divine. My insight into how things really work on the other side is therefore unique and all embracing with very few practitioners being able to operate and identify with mutli dimensional vision.

I am extremely fortunate to have achieved the depth of realization and knowledge I now possess and the exceptional experiences that very few of us will ever have.
For over a decade, I have used my skills to help many people from all walks of life - so whoever you are, where ever you are, I know I can help you!


Thank-you for giving me back my life

Sam B, Tunbridge Wells

Iain is a unique and gifted professional with real empathy. I found him easy to talk to and he was instrumental in helping me grow internally and remove blockages that held me back all my life. His guidance was highly intuitive as well as practical and I valued his input hugely.

Sarah – CEO London

Your insight and wisdom has been incredible! Thank-you!

Jane C- Chelsea, London

Iain used advanced techniques on me to assist with giving me clarity and healing that I needed. I haven't look back since!

George - IT specialist, London

Your guidance and healing regarding my troubles has been most helpful.

Alison C, Scotland.

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