Mind, Body and Soul

November 29, 2018

It is true to say that we are composed of three different types of simultaneous existence, fused in to one – The mind, body and soul.  


In today’s society we are typically told and taught how to program the mind with knowledge and experience, especially in our younger years, so that we have a foundation and preparation for later life.


Whilst this is important and helpful, it often takes little or no account of the wider spectrum of experience that we all need to resonate with – our soul. Many are unaware or do not even acknowledge that we even have one, let alone understand what the soul actually is.


It is apparent that many of the problems in today’s societycentre around the fact that the general population is not in wider union withtheir soul – for if it was, the world would be in a very different state today.


Being in touch with your deeper self will allow for a morefulfilling experience at many levels, in that you will be aware of your innerneeds in a way that cannot be understood from an everyday mind consciousness.


Our everyday experience will often only operate in theshallows of the mind which is fine for most day to day tasks and worldlyinteraction – however, the lower mind can become stale if it is not fed from adeeper perspective and energy.


It should be noted that the soul carries the blue print andagreement for our experience, which is essentially a pre-incarnation desire todo certain things with our life. When we are either unaware of what our soulwishes to experience or wilfully decline our mission, either wittingly orotherwise, there are always consequences, one way or the other.


Typically, this will amount to problems with mental andphysical health, stress with work and inter-personal relationships. If thingshave got to a state where there is a great deal out of place, drama can occurin all areas of life. Miss-fortune, accidents and other negative experiencesare all part and parcel of the same problem, being out of resonance with your trueself. All such incidences are sent for a reason – in other words, a wakeupcall.


One of the best ways to bring clarity to such situations andto gain perspective is to meditate. Meditation has been practiced for manythousands of years. Whilst the West is really only recently started to discoverthe benefits of deep mediation and its daily practice, through things like ‘Mindfulness’,the East has been doing it for a long time – especially in places like Tibet.


Not only will meditation bring greater awareness and aninner peace to you in a way that is difficult to describe unless you havedirectly experienced it, it also helps to attune you to different wavelengthsof energy and interactions with the world we live in. Typically, with enoughpractice, intuition significantly increases as well. You will find yourself farmore able to ‘trust your gut’ as you will be aware of the energies in adifferent way.

Iain BalmainIain Balmain

In 2007, my whole life changed in ways I could never have imagined. I had been working in London’s financial district as a trader and property renovator when I experienced a profound spiritual awakening.

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