Chakra & Energy System Rescue and Repair

Thank-you for giving me back my life

Sam B, Tunbridge Wells

Iain is a unique and gifted professional with real empathy. I found him easy to talk to and he was instrumental in helping me grow internally and remove blockages that held me back all my life. His guidance was highly intuitive as well as practical and I valued his input hugely.

Sarah – CEO London

Your insight and wisdom has been incredible! Thank-you!

Jane C- Chelsea, London

Iain used advanced techniques on me to assist with giving me clarity and healing that I needed. I haven't look back since!

George - IT specialist, London

Your guidance and healing regarding my troubles has been most helpful.

Alison C, Scotland.

Many people have heard of the 7 chakras of the body – far fewer know about the individual characteristics of them and their interrelationship with the human body and how they interact with the energy coming in to it.

Working in the 5th dimension and beyond  is essential when trying to balance out and repair energetic pathways within the chakra system and revitalising overall performance.

If you know you feel out of balance or that you have a specific energy system problem – its essential you get it seen to, as this will be a deeper message from your higher-self, telling you to do something about it. If you are at the stage where you are attracting entities, this is a serious wake up call to get help.

I will specifically look at your:

• Chakra layout and energetic flow
• Connections and blockages
• Grounding links
• Spiritual line crown connection
• Auric interfacing and wellbeing.
• Any fear structures present
• Talking to your higher-self to get the bigger picture

If any of the above require attention, I will work with your higher-self in order of priority so as to bring back structure and harmony to you. There is nearly always a message behind such issues, which will be given to you. 

I use a special light for this work which will be connected up to you, post a diagnosis and session. 

Contact me to book a phone consultation. A session is £90 and does not require a face to face meeting. 

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