Clairvoyant insight

Thank-you for giving me back my life

Sam B, Tunbridge Wells

Iain is a unique and gifted professional with real empathy. I found him easy to talk to and he was instrumental in helping me grow internally and remove blockages that held me back all my life. His guidance was highly intuitive as well as practical and I valued his input hugely.

Sarah – CEO London

Your insight and wisdom has been incredible! Thank-you!

Jane C- Chelsea, London

Iain used advanced techniques on me to assist with giving me clarity and healing that I needed. I haven't look back since!

George - IT specialist, London

Your guidance and healing regarding my troubles has been most helpful.

Alison C, Scotland.

Ever since I was a boy, I have always had a perceptive and sensitive disposition to other people, their energy and overall wellbeing.

In 2007, I went through a dramatic spiritual awakening. Since that time, I have honed my esoteric skills and trained with many people across a wide range of esoteric arts. Psychic and clairvoyant awareness being one of them. 

If you seek guidance or information regarding any particular area of life, such as:

• Health and wellbeing
• Career moves and aspirations
• Relationships
• Financial/business matters
• Your Soul’s primary purpose
• Anything else troubling you

Then I should be able to help you. It’s important that you give me as much information as you can, regarding your situation and what it is you want to know about.

Sessions are charged at £90 and are payable in advance. Contact me to make a booking.

Please Note: I am NOT a medium and therefore cannot assist you if you require a connection with a departed person.

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