Feng Shui, Geomancy and House Exorcisms

Thank-you for giving me back my life

Sam B, Tunbridge Wells

Iain is a unique and gifted professional with real empathy. I found him easy to talk to and he was instrumental in helping me grow internally and remove blockages that held me back all my life. His guidance was highly intuitive as well as practical and I valued his input hugely.

Sarah – CEO London

Your insight and wisdom has been incredible! Thank-you!

Jane C- Chelsea, London

Iain used advanced techniques on me to assist with giving me clarity and healing that I needed. I haven't look back since!

George - IT specialist, London

Your guidance and healing regarding my troubles has been most helpful.

Alison C, Scotland.

Psychic Consultations

Many people have heard the Chinese term ‘Feng Shui’ and may have some idea of what it might be about. The western term for this is ‘Geomancy’ which is the study of Earth Energy. 

The Chinese have been practicing Feng Shui for thousands of years through detailed observation of people’s health, wealth, happiness and general performance. These observations were then recorded and patterns were then seen to be repeating, under certain circumstances. 

These patterns essentially centred around compass points, object, form, colour and placements of property on land and possessions within, as well as individual traits and their date of birth etc…

Complex systems were then devised that would allow a particular person’s characteristics and energy to be harmonised within their living environment, allowing that person to perform at their best, through placing them in the most suitable and optimised energetic environment. 

Geomancy has rather more of an emphasis on Earth Energy – in that the awareness of magnetic lines of flux and other properties that the earth has are changed where appropriate or enhanced. Sacred geometry crosses over with Feng Shui in many respects. 

All of the built environment is affected by the Earth and the energetic characteristics it has. 

Where a concentration of disharmonious energy exists - either in someone’s house or the land it sits on, problems start to occur. These can range from unwanted spirits being present and causing problems on an active basis – such as demonic entities to rather more subtle problems of geopathic stress, ill health and an unpleasant atmosphere that has no discernible root cause, to name but a few.

Oddly/badly shaped houses and offices that are on polluted lay lines with dark energy under them will be rife with issues.

Not only is it important to correct such imbalances and perform an exorcism where required, it’s also essential to harmonise and purify all elements of earth energy present. Typically, this has to be done with a practitioner who works in the 5th dimension and above. 

Furthermore, a home should feed its inhabitants in order to optimise their performance and sense of wellbeing. This is all possible with careful and respectful energetic interaction with the Earth Mother and the divine – so that the energy system of each individual has an enhanced quality of energy provided to it.

This will typically impact all areas of life:

• Relationships and their harmony – interpersonal and family
• Career performance and attraction (especially the self employed)
• Health and Wellbeing
• General abundance and inspiration
• Creativity

I have a deep understanding and knowledge of how to interact and communicate with the Earth Mother regarding all of these issues and have been shown how to correct any problem that you may be experiencing. 

Much can be done remotely, but in most cases, I will need to visit your home to correct any issues present and optimise the available light.

Please contact me for more information and a quote. 

Psychic consultations:

• Psychic consults £120

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